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How healthy is your workforce? How is the health of your employees impacting upon absenteeism and presenteeism?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, the research will likely shock you. Chronic disease, poor diet, lack of exercise and an aging workforce are severely impacting company performance. As just one example, healthy employees are 3 times more effective as unhealthy employees.

We spoke to one of the leading executive health practitioners in Australia. Dr Meaghan Miller-McConochie has spent a decade conducting in-depth medical assessments of thousands of professionals. Her assessment is damning.

Unfortunately Corporate Australia is in a very unhealthy state. Poor health is dragging down both employees and companies. There's a huge payoff for companies willing to invest in the health and wellbeing of their staff.


One of the obstacles to companies investing in employee health is cost. It can cost thousands of dollars to conduct a single in-depth health assessment that covers blood tests, stress tests, medical history surveys, face-to-face consultations and more.

What if we could do a large bulk of this type of assessment for a fraction of the cost? And how can we utilise the powerful tech tools we have at our fingertips?

We started researching personalised medical health assessments and how well they cover the health parameters of individuals. With expert input, we discovered that there a range of standardised and peer-reviewed assessments that cover the vast majority of health challenges. We also learned that the Australian health system suffers from too many people visiting their GP unnecessarily as well as too few people not visiting their GP when it was necessary. This imbalance is a massive strain and cost on Australia’s health system.

We’ve long been passionate about work being a healthy, purposeful and rewarding endeavour, so we decided to throw ourselves at the problem.

The first job was to recruit an expert team. Early Days has extensive experience in creating new ventures and products, but we’re not medical or health-tech experts. We brought in a doctor with extensive experience in general practice and an intimate insight into the specific health needs of corporate professionals. We also convinced one of our long-time collaborators, who just happens to be one of Australia’s foremost health-tech product leaders, to join the experimental team.

We identified three core challenges:

  • The feasibility and rigor of digitally collecting comprehensive personal health data
  • The possibility of providing an actionable, clinically-backed, and empowering health snapshot to an individual
  • The nuances of generating a 100% anonymised, aggregated health snapshot to a company

We are working on a proof of concept to explore how to solve these problems and validate their value to employees, companies and the health system. We look forward to sharing more insights soon about Kisby!


We are actively seeking collaborators and partners for Kisby.

If you or your company is interested in participating in a pilot, please email

If you are a health practitioner with expertise in the corporate market, please get in touch.

We are not currently fundraising however if you or your investment/venture organisations has expertise in health-tech, we’d be happy to catch up.

“Poor health is dragging down both employees and companies. There’s a huge payoff for companies willing to invest in the health and wellbeing of their staff.”

Dr Meaghan Miller-McConochie

Think big. Act small. Follow the proof.

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