Financial Services

Spinning up a new digital platform for savvy, self-directed investors


This (undisclosed) financial services company is a global fund manager with over $180 billion in funds under management. Their challenge was to investigate new product possibilities for an emerging type of self-directed individual investor.


We broke the project into 3 distinct phases.

The first phase involved a deep dive into customer needs with extensive interviews and surveys with the target group. This phase allowed us to bust several assumptions about what this class of customer was really looking for. We validated these findings with multiple rounds of proposition development and testing.

The second phase involved building an alpha prototype of a new type of digital investment service.

The insights from testing this prototype with customers informed the design of a more sophisticated minimum viable product (MVP).

The final phase of the project involved testing user acquisition, activation, engagement and retention.


The design, development and in-market testing of a pioneering new digital investment service for self-directed investors has enabled our client to focus its investment strategy in this space.

A fully data-informed investment case is currently under active consideration. Beyond the new product potential, the year-long innovation project has showcased an entirely new way of working for several divisions within the business who have now adopted a range of agile, lean and data-driven practices.

“Early Days taught us a fundamentally new way of working. They helped us (rapidly) explore, validate and test an entirely new digital business model embracing all the startup practices that we simply didn’t have the internal capabilities for.”

Undisclosed Client


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