Getting started

We only work on a limited number of projects each year, which means we like getting to know potential clients before we work together.

That’s why we offer an intensive (free) kick-off workshop to sketch out the parameters of your potential spin-up. The workshop typically runs for 3 hours and addresses questions such as…

  • What is the catalyst for your spin-up?
  • What do you know (or believe) that others do not?
  • What are the unmet or underserved needs of your customers?
  • What is the dangling thread, hard to describe but impossible not to reach for, that keeps you awake at night?
  • What is the underlying hope or purpose that fuels your belief?
  • What does crazy success look like – for the world, and for yourself?

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If you’re looking to start a new project or want to find out how we can help your business, drop us a line and let’s start a conversation.


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