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A blockchain solution for financial guarantees


Entrepreneur Sebastian Burgman had identified a massive opportunity to apply blockchain technology to risk-sensitive commercial transactions. The challenge was how to refine and develop a compelling pilot concept to bring early partners on board.


We worked in close collaboration with Sebastian to break down the crucial commercial elements – the product proposition, user journeys, technical approach and market/partner opportunities.

Over the course of just two weeks, we shaped the concept into a proposition to pitch to major companies in the banking and insurance sectors. We created the Provenant name, brand and visual identity, packaged into a compelling pitch deck and website articulating the massive opportunity and novel solution.


Provenant is at advanced stages of negotiation with some of the largest blue-chip companies in Australia to join a consortium to develop a blockchain solution for commercial financial guarantees.


“The team at Early Days helped us develop our early-stage proposition which married the promise of blockchain with customer needs and market opportunities. Their expertise helped us jump from rough concept to getting our first consortium partners onboard.”

Sebastian Burgman