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Accelerating business growth


This (undisclosed) fintech company had a complex customer funnel with a lifecycle that extended over many months. Our challenge was to diagnose which points in the funnel were broken and implement new tactics that would significantly move the needle on commercial performance.


We pulled together several disparate data sources including web analytics, email/marketing reports and sales data. We were able to map marketing efforts against funnel stages in order to create a simple tear-down of their entire commercial and marketing model.

We worked closely with the client project lead and their wider team to define the most important commercial levers by defining the 3 crucial goals and key measurements they needed to be tracking.

We helped them prioritise their tactics and helped them institute a new working rhythm to help their team run, measure and refine all of their growth activities.


The digital/marketing team can now directly attribute their tactics to measurable impact on their business. This enables them to test, measure and refine tactics on a regular basis.

This data-driven customer funnel approach has revolutionised the way the team works.

“Early Days blew our minds by rapidly breaking down our entire customer funnel and enabled us to make data-driven decisions about where we needed to invest time and effort.”

Head of Product (Australia)