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Exposing content insights for effective communication


This client relied heavily on content marketing to attract, retain and convert customers.  While their rhythm of content production was good, their understanding of its performance was lacking.  Content for this client is produced both internally and externally.  With little knowledge around performance, they also had a poor understanding of which authors were having the most impact with their audience.   Our challenge was to discover what content worked and in what measurable way.



We mapped the specific customer conversions that were most crucial to the client’s business. We then scraped the web analytics and created an interpretation script that allowed it to match key events to specific customer goals.

We designed and built a simple prototype to host the resultant ‘content dashboards’ providing a real-time view into how content was performing against the baseline measures and goals we put in place.   A leaderboard provides the visibility of content performance against author with additional measures against content purpose (eg mapping content to vital steps in their customer funnel).


The real-time dashboard is enabling the content team to refine their production and editorial approach and enabling them to continually improve their customer conversions.

“Early Days helped us turn reams of data into actionable insights that meant we could meaningfully measure the impact of our content for the first time.”

Head of Marketing