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Real-time vehicle tracking


Being Australia’s largest vehicle logistics business, Autocare is responsible for delivering hundreds of thousands of cars to dealerships all over the country. Keeping track of this vast logistical challenge takes great time and expense. What if delivery and tracking information was at the fingertips of users in real time?


We split this project into three distinct phases.

The first phase was about diving into the customer experience and understanding how customer needs were currently being met. We uncovered a range of business, technical and design issues that required unpicking.

The second phase was about design and prototyping where we pinpointed the precise opportunities to create a simple way for thousands of customers to track their vehicle deliveries. We explored and validated a range of design/UX solutions which aimed to reduce end user effort and time.

The final stage was the development of a sophisticated web app that combined the contemporary design elements with backend integration into core delivery data.


The newly branded Autocare Connect platform is now live and in the early stages of public deployment.

Testing benchmarks indicate the average time to locate a vehicle in the system for an end user will be reduced from an average of 3 minutes to just 10 seconds.

Extrapolated over the huge volume of deliveries, the portal will benefit Autocare and most importantly their customers by providing greater transparency of vehicle movements within the Automotive supply chain.

“Early Days quickly understood the complexity of our industry and were able to craft an extraordinarily simplified, attractive and time-saving solution.”

Cameron Murcutt
National Business Systems Manager